all it's missing is that new store smell

all it's missing is that new store smell

Hello all!! This is Juni!

For the time being you can use the discount code MIGRATION to get 15% off! This expires midnight CST on May 20th.

Super excited that our new storefront's off to a good start thanks to everyone's enthusiasm and support! It's going to take us a bit to build our SEO and stuff (bleeh) so every purchase review and link share is so so greatly appreciated!

I've been scurrying around in the walls looking at all the fun tools that Shopify provides and the customization when compared to our old Etsy storefront, and I do be wishing that we had made the move earlier! Still, better late than never! Sure is great to not have fees bitten out of our shipping costs lmao?!

As far as shop news, we recently JUST got a batch of pins in the mail! It'll take Cory a few weeks to check/sort/back/package them, but we'll be restocking some stuff like the crow cowboy pins. Aaand we're hoping to order some acrylic charms and washi tapes in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

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